Swimming Pool Renovation and Vinyl Liner Replacements

Is your swimming pool leaving more to the imagination than you would like? We offer complete or partial renovation services including.

  • Vinyl Liner Replacements

  • Swimming Pool Resurfacing

  • Decorative concrete coping, pool decks and patios

  • Tile replacement/ repair

  • Equipment/Filter updates

Span for pool. Rolling coating. Pool pro

Automatic and Seasonal Safety Covers

Automatic safety covers offer year round protection for your kids, pets and  swimming pool. Other benefits of these covers include decreased chlorine waste, decreased evaporative loss, a decrease in sediment and other debris entering the pool.  Allowing a greater peace of mind, more time to enjoy your pool, and long term savings on chemicals and water maintenance.

Seasonal safety covers provide protection during the winter months; in addition to, decreasing maintenance during the winter months.

Image by Coby Shimabukuro

Service and Seasonal Maintenance

We provide service to existing equipment replacing all components with genuine manufacturer parts

Seasonal Maintenance (openings and closings) provided to assure that your investment is protected from the winter elements. with proper plumbing line and water treatment.